A hotly controversial decision in 2006: after 76 years of billing PLUTO as a planet, it was demoted to a dwarf planet or asteroid (star-like). Responsible for this was the International Astrology Union (IAU) in Prague that voted for the change, though without a quorum, (9,500 of approximately 10,000 members not being present). Interestingly, Pluto on July 15, 2015, was visited by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, promising information heretofore missing about PLUTO…..Basically, for astrologers, PLUTO’S influence as a Game-changer remains. Named for the Roman god of the Underworld, the main trait of PLUTO is transformation through birth or death, and other major life-passages. Though it represents determination and will-power, Destiny plays its hand here. With PLUTO, it’s important to willfully surrender something that then can, like a phoenix, rise from the ashes to even higher heights.