Moon Venus Signs

Both the MOON and VENUS reflect female attributes, but different ones.
The MOON is the nurturing mother, the Madonna with Child prototype; whereas,
  VENUS is the force of nature that society finds especially dangerous. After all, VENUS wants what she wants, when she wants it. Both deserve our understanding and respect. Here is a description of how the MOON and VENUS would react as they fall in each and every zodiac sign. Not only romantic love and marriage, but food and entertainment are influenced by these two heavenly bodies. To find out your moon and venus signs go to Tables page.
Moon-signs on Food, Relating, and Entertainment

    The moon in astrology is most closely associated with the public, women, and Mother, in particular. It contrasts Venus, in that the moon is often depicted as a beautiful, athletic, virginal young goddess of nature, such as Artemis (the Roman Diana), a mother with child, or even a wise old woman…But never a lover! Thus, the moon and Venus offer a polarity of different woman archetypes. It is significant to maintain a balance of both, not excluding the matron nor the romantic, though one archetype may predominate during certain cycles of a woman’s life. After all, just because one marries or ages, Venus need not be abandoned. Nor should passionate Venusian love exclude the nurturance of the moon. 

    The lunar colors are white or silver, or the muted colors of smoke gray and frosted blue. Its day is Monday (Latin: lunae dies, day of the moon). Its metal is silver; while the gem is the pearl that comes from a sea creature. To increase your lunar energy, visit any waterway and practice the fine art of cooking! Growing your own, food, too, a la Taurus, is all the better, since you are nurturing the planet earth. 

  The moon rules emotions and responses, including memory. Of the human anatomy, it rules the stomach and entire digestive tract, beginning with the taste buds. It also has dominion over the womb and the left-hand side of the body. Is it any wonder that where the moon is placed at the time of birth speaks volumes about one’s taste and dining habits? The moon rules the sign of Cancer, which is considered a fortunate placement for it, as is Taurus.

    Just to remind you, the characteristics of your moon sign are modified by one of the twelve houses of the zodiac in which it is placed and the aspects that are made to it by other planets. For example, a moon placement in the first house that rules the individual self differs significantly from its placement in the seventh house, ruling one’s partners. And a moon that receives the more difficult aspects can bring forth a feistier person than if that moon receives more easy-flowing aspects. Still, without a personal astrologer to cast your chart or extensive self-study, learning more about your moon sign will add a layer to Moon-signs self understanding.  

    You will only need to know your date of birth and those of others whose moon placement you plan to look up, using this website. At the bottom of the Home page click on the link Tables. On the next page, click on the moon link, rather than that of Venus. Directives are in English and Latvian. Descriptions of moon-signs follow. 
Venus signs on food, relating, and entertainment   

    Venus is the Roman goddess of Love and personifies beauty and sexual desirability in a woman. In a man’s chart, Venus and the moon placements show the type of woman he is likely to find alluring. The planet is part of the love duo of Mars and Venus, even as exemplified in restrooms across the world!

    While marriage is the province of the moon and in ancient mythology symbolized by Hera, the wife of philandering Zeus, erotic passionate Love is the dominion of Venus, otherwise known as The Great (Greek) Goddess Aphrodite. More than just a libertine or a modern, liberated woman, Venus accentuates a primal part of human nature. It is not wise to suppress or ignore her. Venus rules romantic love and is responsible for many a stormy and tumultuous affair! It is also associated with early courtship and the ensuing passion.

    Perhaps surprisingly, Venus might just as well throw its energies into its role of Muse, of the fine arts, for example. And of the performing arts, Venus is associated most with music and dancing. After all, aren’t artists the members of society that shun restrictions and society’s norms? Venus sees to it that they throw off binding, blinding shackles. Why not incorporate Venus energies into your life, rather than banish her to exile?

    This planet also rules monetary exchange and traveling! Thus if you’re someone whose heart thrills when you hear a tug-boat hoot or a shrill train whistle, Venus is calling to you. How one relates and what one values is dependent on its Venus sign placement. For example, Venus in Cancer particularly values the home and family, mother, and country. In addition, Venus rules all other things we value, especially the packaging, as in attractive, usually colorful clothing and accessories; cosmetics, including fragrances; and culinary delights! Everywhere, appearances count.

    Since Venus is the ruler of both earthy Taurus and air-sign Libra, those are favorite Venus signs. Venus in compassionate Pisces, howsoever, may be the best placement. Not to burst any bubbles, understanding the entire horoscope chart still is the key to understanding your love life and temperament. Your Venus sign is modified, for Venus-signs example, by the house in which it falls and the aspects it receives from other planets. Proud Venus in Leo placed in the 10th House of the career and community standing would mean that this person loves and takes pride in the career and contribution it makes to the world at large. Also, a cooler and more reserved Venus placement, such as Venus in Capricorn, is considerably heated up by an effusive square (which is a challenging aspect) from an aggressive Mars, or any hit from eccentric Uranus, creative but confusing Neptune or transformative Pluto. 

    To find one’s Venus placement, all you need is the full birth date and this website. On that Home page, click on the Tables link to find the moon and Venus tables. Click on the Venus table, which will lead you to information to locate where Venus was at the time of your birth. The instructions are written in English and Latvian. Descriptions of Venus signs follow. 

    If your moon falls in the pioneering fire-sign of Aries, you’re drawn toward strong tasting, hot and spicy foods, such as Latino, Tex-Mex, and the all-time favorite mode of barbecuing. Also you’re attracted to tantalizing foods of the Martian color red, such as red peppers, dyed pistachio nuts, even pink grapefruit. That’s because Aries’ planetary ruler is Mars. Moon-in-Aries will favor fast-food services and create meals using appliances that make life easier and cut preparation time in half. This impatient moon-sign might bear in mind the adage that haste makes waste. Scrapes, bruises and minor accidents may take place in the kitchen.

    Since Aries rules the head, nearly all the senses need to be considered in creating a meal. What is served will not only look scrumptious and colorful, but will have the proper ambiance—consisting of carefully chosen background music, appropriate lighting, with perhaps a seasonal fragrance wafting through the air as one enters the moon-in- Aries’ habitat. The moon-sign displays initiative in daring recipes that it concocts intuitively. Its larder will be well supplied, too, since self-sufficient moon-in-Aries is prepared for all emergencies. Casual, innovative dining with a flair is its Hallmark style.

    An excellent placement for the moon. With moon in Taurus, though, natives can become gluttons for good food and drink, usually equating price with quality. Symbolized Moon-signs by the Bull, the typical moon-in-Taurus person is a lover of meat (especially beef) and potatoes, smothered in rich gravy, with home-grown produce on the side, perhaps coming from its own garden. Portions will be generous, since down-to-earth, practical Taurus moon-sign works hard and feels that a satisfying dinner should not consist of scant, miniature servings. Food to it symbolizes its need for abundance and security: thus the table will be well stocked.

    Just as the Bull loves to smell the posies, so does moon-in-Taurus enjoy decorating its table with flowers; and its living quarters with objects d’art, influenced as it is by artistic and indulgent Venus, its planetary ruler. You will find fine liquid refreshment served, and fruit for after-dinner savoring—although chocolate bon-bons also make this moon-sign smile. For that dessert, you can be sure that the whipped cream is real; nothing faux will do.

    Neither are short cuts used. The moon-in-Taurus kitchen is orderly, organized, and the cook methodical. A meal served is apt to be time consuming and prepared with care. Not into risk-taking, the conventional Taurus moon-sign best appreciates the tried and true classic recipes. The proud host/hostess loves to show off its possessions. Just so that you don’t get careless, the native is defensive and possessive about what it has acquired. Be punctual when you arrive; being late will make a Taurus moon-sign fume. 

    The smorgasbord, buffet, salad bar and even cocktail party could have been invented by a moon-in-Gemini native, whose middle name is Variety and who is sociable, to boot. Ruled by Mercury, this quicksilver moon-sign is ever on the move and possesses the gift of gab. Snacking, too, is a national pastime for this placement. Often a sit-down meal is eliminated as moon-in-Gemini plies itself with favorite portable hors d’oerves, at least chatting on a cell phone or surfing the internet. It’s likely that TV trays were made popular by them back in the fifties, capable as they are of handling multiple tasks skillfully, Moon-signs and deathly afraid as they are of boredom. 

    When you think of food that entices Gemini moon-sign, think exotic: Thai, Indian, French delicacies, Asian food. Think double entrees or hot and cold dishes, since this is a moon-sign of duality, symbolized by The Twins. Meals tend to be prepared quickly, aided by favorite time-saving gadgets. If preparing a meal for a moon-in-Gemini type, don’t try to remember their favorite dish from last time. Get with the program: Gemini by now has a new favorite. Best keep up with current events and latest domestic and world develop-ments so you have scintillating conversation to contribute at dinner-time. Since Gemini rules not only over arms/hands and lungs, but the entire nervous system, this moon-sign’s fast paced life can lead to digestive problems. Counter-balance that by some down-time. 

    Only moon-in-Cancer natives will give moon-in-Taurus types a run for their money in the kitchen. The Crab, sign of Cancer, will even urge a doggie-bag on you as you leave, which its capable of doing since it cooks enough food to feed a small army. These are the folks that go out of their way to cater to everyone’s dietary whim, so anxious are they to please. And revering the family as they do, comfort foods, such as home-made soups and breads, are high on their list of personal favorites. Intuitive to the point of being psychic, Cancer uses this skill to concoct imaginative recipes to nourish and heal its loved ones. The flip side of the coin may be that this moon-sign uses food for both the purpose of celebration and to cure a heartbreak, resulting in an emotional weight-gain.

    Both sentimental and romantic, emotional moon-in-Cancer folks go through changes—some call them moods—as their ruler, the moon, goes through phases. Planning meals ahead is hard for them; since by the time the day of the event arrives, they may desire some other menu. When you dine with the moon-in-Cancer person at their home or a restaurant, their best recourse may be to order sampler of various dishes. The Cancer penchant for travel, too, has acquainted their palate with food of far-away and distant shores. Traditionalists and homebodies that they are on one hand, therefore, must Moon-signs be balanced with the tastes of the cosmopolitan citizen of the world. 

    So sensitive is this moon-sign that it needs the hard outer shell of the crab to protect it from harsh reality. It tends to worry not only about itself but about each member of the family and close friends. Since Cancer rules the breasts and stomach, this worrying, unless countered, may bring about gastric disturbances, with the resulting stomach-aches or even an ulcer.

    As the symbolic lion indicates, a moon-in-Leo native, particularly, feels as if it is the “king of the jungle!” Thus, he expects in the kitchen, as anywhere else, to be the center of attention. The “how” of meal preparation is inconsequential to this moon-sign, as long as the result is good food, good liquid refreshment, presented with a flourish for both impressing others and giving a welcome background so that the Lion-king can hold its court with family and guests. The big hearted moon-in-Leo properly rewards anyone, especially the chef, who has put himself out on its account. The same way that the moon-sign would, with furrowed brow and taking personal umbrage, return a flawed dish back to the kitchen.

  The moon-sign in Leo is, fittingly, a carnivore, enjoying cuts of meat, with, perhaps, rice as a side-dish, and spinach, full of iron and vitamins, as a ‘’veggie” of choice. Unlike the earthy moon-in-Taurus or moon-in-Capricorn natives, moon-in-Leo is less adamant that quality of the food be outstanding. Above average food will suffice, as long as the meal and service is not shabby materially or in spirit. The moon-sign is more concerned about the gala affair itself that has placed it as the hub of attention.

Ruled by the sun, moon-in-Leo hosts and hostesses spread their warmth and generosity to all their guests--as long as they get their due as the royalty they are. Not at all prickly about leaving young ones out of festivities, this moon sign enjoys admirers of all ages—the more the merrier. Being recreation and sports inclined, active moons-in-Leo natives are just plain fun for everyone.  

   Moon-in-Virgo natives share the ruler Mercury with the moon-in-Gemini lot. Thus communications and the mental realm dominate for each. While dining at home or at restaurants, sufficient quiet is needed to allow for stimulating conversation, with Virgo, of course, having the last word(s). Though Gemini moon-signs are of the air element, moon-in-Virgos resonate to the earth element. Natives are often associated with horticulture, or at least a garden of their own. At some time in their lives, they will be drawn to health-conscious living, including exercise. This is all for the good, since Virgo rules the intestines and bowels, and the entire nervous system. A steady routine in meals, rest, and movement is what works for this moon-sign. Then Mercury will see that they continue to think and look youthful throughout life. 

Service oriented, this moon-sign constitutes your workaholics, who also have a perfectionist streak. But not all natives are neat freaks. Some are down right untidy in the kitchen and the home. If so, this will pray on their minds and overtake them on the physical level. When stressed, headaches and stomach ailments may assail them, allergies, too. They’ll be loath to let the tension show, keeping the outward demeanor calm. But when in balance, this moon-sign will eat its “veggies” and take vitamins, too. For dessert, they may get into earthy delights, such as fruit, nuts and berries, humus dips and sunflower seeds, rather than pies and cakes and cookies. Unless those are the home-baked variety, not made with bleached white flour, but using organic unrefined flour and molasses, say, as sweetener.

A true romantic, a moon-in-Virgo takes advantage of a lunar eclipse to wine and dine its sweetheart. It will know just when a comet comes closest to the earth and woo you not only with champagne and roses, but its trusty telescope. Practical moon-in-Virgo will use whatever it has to get an edge on other lovers. This moon-sign is disarmingly savvy or suavely innocent, maybe both. Not sneaky, they are wily. Don’t underestimate them.

    Doing things together, like the bicycle built for two--definitely a Libra innovation-- is how the moon-in-Libra folk operate. Their target is to improve partnership dealings and avoid any type of conflict—that they have not instigated. Don’t forget that Libra enjoys a good debate after meals, purposefully acting the devil’s advocate to rile things up. Libra, being a Cardinal sign, can be spirited—if it’s in its best interests to be so. In fact, it should keep itself at top priority, more so than not. That’s because this moon-sign often caters to others’ whims, forgetting that it first must please itself. Or at the other extreme, it uses its wiles to manipulate others. Moon-in-Libra’s scales of justice, its symbol, need balance. 

    To keep themselves organized and on-task, this moon-sign keeps handy color-coded post-it lists. Their kitchen will be neat and organized, and equipped with time and effort saving devices. It will be aesthetically pleasing in dulcet color tones, perhaps mellow yellow; and the dining area will have tasteful, artistic décor. Complements of Venus, its co-ruler, that Libra shares with Taurus. In this case, moon-in-Libra folk are of the air element, flitting like social butterflies among family and guests to make sure harmony reigns and everyone has what is desired at mealtime. The meal itself will be well balanced, perhaps continentally inspired, and elegant. It was planned to perfection ahead of time. Moons-in-Libra passed up the dominant or exotic tastes, or the basic meat and potatoes fare, which thrill other moon-signs. But like its counterpart, moon-in-Taurus, Libra moon-sign not only takes pride in the table it sets but is a bit of a snob. And why not? It consistently goes out of its way to acquire the savoir fare of gourmet dining. A little “attitude,” howsoever, goes a long way.

     If charming moon-in-Libra has a secret sin, it’s a love of desserts--and a dislike of physical exercise. Libra rules kidneys, so that its perpetual sweet tooth, along with inaction, coupled with tension and stress, can bring on migraine-scale headaches. Skin eruptions, too, can be the bane of its existence. Balance, dear moon-sign, balance.   

   Moon-in-Scorpio natives are often held in awe. It may be because of the famous stinger of the nocturnal Scorpion, its symbol. Or it may be because sexual organs are ruled by Scorpio, which also governs that part of the horoscope dealing with sexuality, death, inheritance and taxes--psychic phenomenon, too. Controversial, private and taboo subjects, then, are this moon-sign’s forte. Its soirees would benefit from being set up like rock-concerts, with other moon signs--perhaps from air signs Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini --warming up guests. Moon-in-Scorpio has little patience with social preliminaries. 

Routine everyday cooking is not moon-in-Scorpio’s strength. If it could, it would delegate that chore to someone else. It desires, instead, to make a personal statement at the special occasions when it cooks for a twosome or for a small, tight circle of friends. If you receive an invitation from this moon-sign, consider yourself part of an exclusive club. Prepare for the affair to be shrouded in mystery, with possibly an unexpected guest speaker or special theme, and with surprises on the menu. There may be a tarot-card reader in tow in a private room or a magician demonstrating its craft or a Buddhist monk holding meditation. Moon in Scorpio’s tastes are exotic, though not as unorthodox as the Aquarius moon sign. It enjoys the strong tastes of pungent spices, like the Aries moon-sign, and unusual delicacies, such as caviar and oysters, smoked eel, and mangoes and pomegranate seeds as part of salads and desserts.

Food will be painstakingly prepared and presented. The atmosphere set creatively and memorably. The Partee will be the talk of the neighborhood. Nothing Scorpio does is done lukewarmly. When you consider this moon-sign, think of extremes. Ruled by Pluto, that also rules nuclear power, purges and elimination are part of its Modus Operandi. As their opposite moon-signs in Taurus are weakened by possessiveness, moons-in-Scorpio are bedeviled by the green-eyed-monster jealousy. Such powerful emotional drives need be channeled creatively or health may suffer.

A moon in Sagittarius native is typically cheerful and optimistic, full of joi de’vrie. That’s thanks to ruling planet Jupiter, the jovial expansion planet that rules religions and travel. The moon-sign is the rare intellectual/philosopher who is also into hunting and sportsmanship. Likely it’s the symbol of centaur that brings about this duality: a centaur being half rational man, the Archer, in fact; half primitive beast, the horse. In culinary expertise, either gender of the moon-sign can excel as chefs or totally not cook at all. At any rate, this gregarious moon-sign will love hosting an event but may need back-up with the follow-through. Also, if you’re meeting it someplace, don’t expect it to take the straight line or be on time—these are your wanderers.

A habitat for moons-in-Sagittarius should provide as much space as possible and an airy quality-- perhaps aided and abetted by windows and mirrors. That’s even if it consists of a single spacious room. This moon-sign gets claustrophobic in restrictive places, including relationships. These unconventional folk may serve you take-out food, have it catered, or cook it themselves. Foreign food may be your repast, since unusual dishes captivate the moon-in-Sag. Or waiting for you may be an American Indian “three-sister” bean soup appetizer, followed with corn bread and venison steaks. You can bet conversation with this moon-sign will be stimulating. After dinner you may be invited to visit a shaman and his steam hut camped out in moon-in-Sag’s back yard. Life is an adventure, didn’t you know?

Health for this moon-sign doesn’t suffer from a negative attitude nor, usually, from lack of exercise. There are those who claim moon-in-Sag is prone to “hoof-in-the-mouth” disease because of its candor. And that others suffer because of it. Yet as long as its frankness is not aimed at us, it’s quite refreshing. Since natives love rich food and drink, Jupiter will expand the waist-line, and sometimes harden the arteries or bring trouble with the liver, also ruled by Sagittarius. Enthusiastic game-playing and the natives’ daredevil bent account for their share of accidents. This moon-sign lives on the wild side. Often Moon-signs Lady Luck smiles on it.

   Moon-in-Capricorn is known as “The Come-Back Kid.” Even if the countdown is nine out of ten, moon-in-Capricorns never can be counted, “Out!” Also, ruled by reality-based Saturn, this moon-sign, unlike moons-in-Libra and Taurus, has built in weight-control. Natives remain slender or have the discipline to maintain exercise and dietary regimens. Health-wise, the skeletal system, including knees and teeth, is ruled by Capricorn, as are the spleen and bladder. Especially its Saturnine moods need a dose of inspiration, optimism, and self-confidence to keep the native healthy. Endurance and self preservation help maintain optimum health, but being a rock for everyone else takes its toll. Moon-in-Capricorn needs a sensitive support system that will understand intuitively what it loathes to ask for itself.

This cool, calm, and collected moon-sign’s kitchen will be neat, clean, and organized with convenience equipment, sufficient china/flatware/glassware, and every conceivable size of cook-ware, including containers especially designed for leftovers. The cupboards and pantry will be well stocked. The kitchen is run as efficiently as an office, with recipes filed away on index cards. A rolodex might be used for friends and family, with each individual’s phone number address, and favorite food or foods-not-tolerated. 

Because of Saturn’s tendency to bring on delay, postponement, or obstacles, the moon-in-Capricorn person compensates by, say, allotting itself extra time when cooking a special recipe. The lucky guests will never have a clue that the perfectly planned and executed meal was concocted under a certain amount of tension and worry.

The moon-sign natives make almost old-world type courteous and proper hosts. If they lack the gregarious and effusively generous nature of fire moon-signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius or the natural charm and loquacious of air moon-signs Gemini, Libra, Aquar-ius, moons-in-Capricorn will finesse by “covering all the bases—“ anticipating all you needs and desires, The piece-de-la-resistance is this host’s dry, self-effacing, unexpected Moon-signs quips of humor. Color this moon-sign a late bloomer and a definite winner. Like the mountain- goat that is its symbol, it will not rest until it scales the highest mountain.

   “I am a creature like no other,” must be the moon-in-Aquarius’ motto. Charismatic natives maintain a frosty barrier at the same time that they magnetically draw others to them. Independence is highly valued by this kindhearted and humane, yet quirky and eccentric moon-sign. Aquarius rules the body’s circulation system; so keeping active physically, especially in winter, is a habit that they must adopt. As with all air-signs, a lighter menu of healthy food is their best bet. But don’t skimp on the dessert, please.

Ruled by Awakener Uranus, the planet of the unexpected and brotherhood, these natives are happiest within their circle of friends. Casual entertaining with a touch of glamour is what tickles this moon-sign. Now that may mean you’ll be invited to experience with them anything from a luau with a barbecue pit to an add-your-own topping pizza party. The celebrity part may consist of the local jazz club’s entertainment ensemble or the guest author of a Poet’s Corner that this moon-sign befriended and invited home. Valuing causes and interesting conversation, if there’s a high tech means of making their life-style easier, they’ll subscribe to it. A spacious unusual abode--perhaps a remodeled barn, with lots of windows and high ceilings—is what turns on moon-in-Aquarius.

This unconventional moon-sign, being a Fixed Sign, can be stubborn and opinionated. Vanity and self-absorption do not suit it. Its talent is to be the gadfly and visionary that help bring to fruition a better more equal life for us all. 

  Aah, the creative artist or the con artist? To which pathway will the moon-in-Pisces ascribe? Illusion or deception, self-deception included, may each play a part in the lives of natives, since Neptune rules Pisces, the feet and dancing, artistry and deep emotions. Moon-in-Pisces is supremely sensitive and psychic. Protecting itself from the harsh real-ities of life sometimes brings moon-in-Pisces into the realm of escapism and addiction—Moon-signs including food addiction. Neptune’s great talents are a challenge to channel effectively. It is also the moon-sign of those with the greatest compassion, who bring home strays of the four-legged and the two-legged kind. Though their homes may not be orderly or immaculate according to conventional standards, this is the moon-sign of the intuitive, imaginative cook, who excels as a nurturing host. Like fellow moon-sign Scorpio, moon in Pisces prefers to exert itself mainly on special occasions.

 Its symbol is two fish tied together, yet swimming in opposite directions, signaling the moon-sign’s duality. Romantic Pisces loves to create a… “Splash”… at a dinner meant for two! Not too health minded, the sign will prepare delicious-tasting, probably calorie-laden food, with an exotic bent. Expect liquid refreshment to flow like honey. Pisces is associated with the god of wine. In a garden party, moon-in-Pisces is likely to honor Dionysius by pouring some wine on the ground. Practical details, such as costs, are seldom factored into Pisces’ plans for a memorable evening for its Significant Other or its group of friends and acquaintances. An unforgettable ambiance is created, whether that means decorations catering to a theme, special lighting, or the illusion of water rivulets coming down a wall. 

  The moon-in-Pisces is difficult to pigeon-hole. It may take them longer than other, more aggressive moon-signs to become successful. But since Neptune also rules high fortune, as long as the talents are used for the good of others, fame and fortune finds them.


    This first sign of the zodiac is ordinarily ruled by Mars. Placement of peace-loving, seductive Venus in the sign of the aggressive god-of-war creates, therefore, a paradox. Daring and independent, Venus here may be a temptress that prefers to initiate contact. Women with this placement are into sports and likely were trend-setters when it came to wearing comfort-clothing in public, such as slacks. They popularized sports-wear and being casual and comfortable on dates. 

The male with Venus in Aries would be attracted to strong, independent women and would give women the freedom to break out of the conventional domestic mold. Both men and women have an inside core of toughness and a swagger to their walk. They are accustomed to butting down walls and being set apart from the crowd.

An Aries Venus tends to fall in love quickly and ardently, and to repent in leisure. Since scarlet red is Aries’ color, natives act like red-heads, whether this comes from family genes or a cosmetologist’s bottle, or simply personifies a fiery disposition. Lively and enthusiastic, risk-taking for this Venus sign is higher on the list than normal. Male or female, the native may be reluctant to show vulnerability. Cooperation with a partner is advised for this sign that glorifies self-expression.

Venus, in general, is self-indulgent. Fortunately, because Aries Venus is action-oriented, weight gain may be minimal, dependent on other horoscope chart factors. When preparing food, Aries will need to curb its impatience. It must not “multi-task” when cook-ing. A Gemini Venus can get away with that. You, dear Venus-in-Aries, must not stray and need to stay “on-task” in the kitchen. 

Have fun being an executive chef! Aries will dare try a new or unusual recipe, or even concoct one itself. Maybe this Venus sign won’t put itself out for the “daily grind,” preferring “take-out” meals from a favorite deli. But it will shine for special-occasion entertaining, where it can create a them. For example, such as Marti Gras in February or when celebrating Latvian Independence Day on November 18—complete with costumes for the former and fireworks for the latter!

When partaking of food, eye-appeal is important for Venus in Aries, since Aries rules the head. Aries is smitten with decorative touches and the blend of colors on the plate of vegetables, meat and potatoes, for example. Usually this Venus sign likes to position itself at the head of the table, to better direct the conversation. Venus in Aries may tone down the first zodiac sign’s boundless enthusiasm, as well as its natural directness. It would behoove this Venus sign to let the other person shine, too. And take time to relax with its partner, family, and friends—not everything has to turn into a competitive race. Venus softens and brings in harmony and sharing from Aries’ opposite sign of Libra.

    Since Venus is Taurus’ ruler, this excellent placement of Venus allows the native to relax and enjoy its free time. The material comforts are what make life worth living for this Venus-sign. Unlike Aries, Venus in Taurus is slow to move. It does not give in easily when Venus-signs pursued; nor does it give up easily, if it is the pursuer. This Venus sign, then, has staying power. Placements in Taurus confer musical ability, perhaps a nice voice; and even a Taurus male who is larger-than-average in size can be quite the twinkle-toes when it comes to being full of grace on the dance floor.

  A male with this placement is attracted to nice-looking women, who have an earthy, practical, perhaps common-sense, out-look. The lush, full figure with feminine curves and a temperament that conforms, rather than reforms or rebels, is the ideal for a Venus in Taurus male.

Financial security is important to both genders, since Taurus is the sign of the banker, while the symbol of the Bull itself figures in stock markets on Wall Street in U.S.A. Being an earth sign, its best investment could be in real estate. At every turn, this place-ment faces the decision to either remain materialistically inclined or to elevate its values by incorporating spiritual truths. Should it exclude or include others into its protected but at times insulated lifestyle? 
Women with Venus in Taurus enjoy being entertained, including being wined and dined in posh places. Natives have a natural beauty and, ordinarily, are good natured. In fact, they can be endlessly patient. But once that long fuse is exhausted, watch out! This sign looks for a self-contained love who won’t leave them. And it does not see itself as being someone to lean on. Sometimes this kind of stoicism can turn impersonal. Both sexes, hobbit-like, love their comfortable homes, spend considerable time there, and are 
security minded. Bossiness and possessiveness must be avoided.

Taste wins over sight at the dining table for Venus in Taurus. Hard workers, these natives configure as your hearty eaters. Count carbohydrates and desserts “IN!” The “same old, same old,” substantial and quality fare, matters more than variety in choices.

These are your collectors and connoisseurs of anything from choice wines and good food, to fine art and fashion accessories. Notice the special Chinaware and utensils with which food is served. Expect generous portions with rich sauces on meats and salad dressing.

Venus in Taurus won’t forget to set out the bread! Hearty vegetable side dishes, too, will grace this table.

There’s nothing more pleasant for this native than to enjoy a picnic on a lazy summer afternoon, with a view of the garden and, perhaps, gold-fish pond. Add chairs for the family and a friend or two, music from a boom-box or a family combo, and pass that liquid refreshment, please! 

    You can meet a Gemini Venus-sign anywhere where books and writing, talking and thinking, and short-distance travel are involved. Maybe you’ll spot him in a library reading the daily paper or her sitting on a bench in a public park, writing in her personal journal. Home may be just a place to hang one’s hat! Domesticity is not its strong point.

Venus in this lively sign thrills to hearing words of love. You can definitely make points by reading it poetry! Thus if it falls in love with the strong silent type, it will need to remember that not every one is verbally articulate. This is the Venus sign of the corres-pondent: one of the few who still practices the romantic art of letter writing, sends cards for special occasions, and actually mails postcards when traveling. Natives were probably born with a pen between their fingers and a mobile phone held in the other hand.

Gemini, you’ll remember, is the sign of The Twins. Being dual natured may get this Venus sign in trouble romantically. Often it is faced with a choice, as two (or more!) interested suitors arrive on the scene. Expect a Venus Gemini to flirt with both and be adroit enough to handle two loves, two jobs, and a host of multiple interests. It has been called a fickle lover, who sees the grass as being greener on the other side of the fence. 

Because natives think and move at a fast pace, first impressions count. They might miss out on a suitable love because of impatience and a need for constant stimulation. Most elusive of all loves in the zodiac, you’re ahead of the competition if you’re a good conversationalist, have a sense of humor, and possess a lot of “gray matter.” This Venus sign finds knowledge, good education, and brains “fetching!” Still, if you’re long winded Venus-signs (should be flush with margin) and boring, don’t expect versatile and changeable Venus in Gemini to paddle your canoe.

Venus in Gemini men are attracted to the librarian-type or the school-teacher, as long as conviviality and charm are a part of the package. Being “ditzy” or what is called a “Bimbo,” is not a drawing card. The women are flirtatious and loquacious, being a foil for quieter, less flamboyant, more intuitive types. Though at times called “air-heads,” that term, not only is derogatory but deceptive. This female may put on a good act of being pretty and vacuous, or simply amusing, but underneath lies a “pretty shrewd cookie.”

The cooking experience for Venus in Gemini starts with the enjoyment of shopping in Farmers’ Markets/”Tirgus (Latvian)” and favorite specialty stores. Chatting up friendly proprietors in its “hood” is as important for its soul as the fresh produce and meat are for the recipe. Expect multi-courses and creativity in recipes and how meals are served. The menu may have changed a number of times from when you were invited, to the time food is set on the table. Such improvisation would shock a Taurus Venus host or hostess, but a Gemini Venus thrives on creating a cohesive plan out of multiple variants. 

This spontaneous Venus sign will have set a festive ambiance by lighting tea candles throughout the home. Candlelight and the strains of a Verdi opera “Rigoletto” welcome guests and alert them to the theme for this dinner. The hostess herself may be dressed in Italian peasant garb, eager to tell you of her exploits in that country, or of having seen an Italian movie that left its mark! She passes the red Italian wine to pour into goblets of a dining table set by a reluctant younger brother. All comes together, and guests and hostess enjoy scintillating conversation about vineyards and Italian traditions at another perfect soiree at the home of a Gemini Venus.

    There’s a conflict in Venus, the seductive goddess, being placed in the sign that symbolizes motherhood, doctors, nurses and anyone who most protects and cares for us. Venus can be unabashedly bold and self involved when securing its needs, while the Venus in Cancer sign has a tendency to be self-sacrificing and even self-effacing. Venus-signs (should be flush with margin.)

Under influence of the sensitive and psychic Water-sign of Cancer, this Venus sign may harbor unrealistic expectations of its partner, expecting for it to operate on as high an emotional level as it does. Repressing its own needs, this Venus sign, then, suffers frustration; while the unleashing of deep emotion that has been stored may shock its less aware partner. Develop a means of communication, if not verbally, then via body language. 

Venus in Cancer relationships evoke such depth of feeling and longing, which when channeled and timed appropriately, bring about not only great physical love-making but true intimacy. Such love is easier to handle once the couple commits and also later in life when both partners have established themselves. That’s because this native worries and frets, more so than most, if financial security is not part of the relationship.

Men with this Venus sign hold traditional values, desiring a woman who is a good cook and caretaker of the home and them. Placing a high value on kindness and empathy, they are romantic, with courtly manners, and are warmly affectionate. The lunar sense of humor is just plain fun! When hurt, they withdraw in silence. Only then can your total honesty and exposing your own vulnerability, save the day. Then wait it out.

Venus in Cancer women don’t fall in love lightly; they fall in love hard. Once in the loving mood, they use some potent womanly stratagems to capture love and attention. More than likely this Venus placement will either enjoy cooking and use it as a means of getting her man, or enjoy eating while someone else does the honors for her! Yes, natives cling to their loves, like a crab when it gets hold of your finger. A fine line exists between dependency on another and an all-encompassing transcending love. Figure it out. Since Cancer, and moon and Venus both rule women, the friendship of women is important to both sexes. Misunderstandings occur, first, when the Venus in Cancer male shows his nurturing side, not yet accepted of a male in modern society. Secondly, his mate may object when it turns out that his buddies are, in reality, females. While those with a strong Aquarius influence are visionaries of high-tech developments and innova-tions, people with a strong Cancer influence, such as Venus in Cancer, are progressive in dealing with feelings and human relationships.Both Cancer in Venus and Aquarius may pay a price, being cast as scapegoat of home and society. 

Time, effort and money, will be put into the home, especially in the kitchen, which will be a hub of activity. Look for comfort in furnishings and for collectibles that reflect nostalgia of places visited and people dear to the heart. Family traditions are respected, as multiple photo albums attest. Perhaps one of its hobbies will be making attractive family scrapbooks. The house itself will have a “lived in” look, being cluttered with pets, books and magazines, even of crafts half-finished or on display.

What a perfect host this Venus sign is. Expect it to know about local restaurants, as well, for outside-of-home dining experiences! The cruise lines that are so popular with buffets of food for luxurious traveling, possibly, are the dream-child of a Venus in Cancer, featuring a home away from home upon the open seas! Food for this Venus sign, is not only seen as nourishing and sustaining, but as bringing together and bridging differences via the ritual of breaking bread. 

Though traditional, this sign is not conventional in cooking. Experimentation and variety, in fact, are crucial to its method. Moderation may be a key word, since Venus in Cancer can be over-zealous in feeding its flock. They may take it personally if a finicky eater leaves food on the plate. Stay off your diet, if you’re invited to dine at the home of this Venus sign! 

    We know that the sun, ruler of Leo, must shine; so that Venus in Leo is someone who wants to take center stage in life. On the plus side, for your appreciation and love of this Venus sign, you will be amply and warmly rewarded with loyalty. This is a generous and warm placement, though one that wants pageantry, ritual and drama in its love life. It may be bossy, love luxury, and will not appreciate its tastes curtailed. Not that it so much desires designer clothes or the best quality in food and drink, but just so good-enough accouterments are not lacking when it wants them.
  Enthusiastic and optimistic, natives enjoy recreation activities, creativity in the form of music or the arts, and love affairs. They are showmen of life; and the show must go on, sometimes even when their own heart is sorrow full. This Venus sign attracts love; though sometimes there may be a problem in keeping that love because of its prideful-ness.

Like the lion’s mane, abundant locks are a signature of Venus in Leo. Biblical Sampson, of Sampson and the Delilah, who cropped his hair and so his strength, likely had Venus in Leo. This sign has a majestic, regal bearing, and dignity, even under duress. Its symbols include: sunflowers and marigolds, gold jewelry and the color gold, domestic cats and those in the wild, the heart and spine, and theatres and palaces with a red carpet to walk and a banquet table from which to feast.

  Women with this Venus capture the essence of the Venus goddess, creating a legend. Gossip and stories, compliments and flattery follow her; while just her presence fills a room with light. Quite as sudden may be a fall from grace for either gender. Maybe similar to Icarus, whose wings were destroyed when it flew too close to the sun?

Men of Venus in Leo are perceived as a “man’s man,” who somehow, without even trying, embody the confidence and physical prowess that other men lionize, pun intended. At the same time, they draw women to them like bees to honey. Distasteful reality, they blot out; and eventually, that reality, warts and all, needs to be faced. 

Both genders hate being ignored, being second best, wearing drab clothing and living in shabby surroundings. Generous in spirit to others, they find that “what goes around, comes around!” This Venus sign. also, exemplifies the importance of love of self. That’s the starting point and the foundation. Unless we love ourselves first, we can not attract the reflection of that love from others, nor keep it.

Food, for the Venus in Leo sign, is entertainment. The night club acts that cater to the elegant dinner were probably devised for this Venus sign. And in the dining process, this sign must be the center, as in heliocentric (the sun), of any gathering. More often than not, it orchestrates the mood of an-at-home party, and every member invited matters. Leo being a Fire sign likes its food hot, both in temperature and in spice. Barbeques are “IN!” Banquet hall dining is “IN!” Natives are masters with spices, tracking down strands of saffron, and other more difficult to find spices. It will flambé its desserts for effect. 

The meals of this Venus sign will have perceptible pauses between courses, each one leading to the crescendo of the main entry, like the climax of a good story. Surprises are good; and it likes people to “ooh” and “aah” over its culinary creations. To give Venus in Leo its just due, few leave its memorable party without being impressed.


    Much has been written about the symbol of a Virgin for Virgo. Consider this Venus placement as being touched by Artemis, the Roman virgin goddess also known as Diana, goddess of the hunt. Tall Artemis possesses the remoteness and reserve found in Venus in Virgo, as well as the qualities of meditation, moral integrity and purity of spirit. 

As an Earth sign, Venus in Virgo is smart, tidy and coolly attractive. It may project such personal good grooming and perfection in hygiene as to make someone want to ruffle the hair-do with not a hair out of place, or to mess up a close to too-perfect image. Or natives may possess a youthfulness and innocence that belies their actual years or experience. They have an affinity for nature, its fauna and flora, whether in the form of a personal garden or a desire to conserve our ecological environment. 

  Being the sign of service, working hard is Virgo’s nature. Love does not preoccupy Venus in Virgo, as it may the signs of Venus in Cancer, in Taurus, and in Libra--the latter two representing the importance of partnerships. The Artemis influence may be felt in that natives set sights on other targets, in the hunt of a job or service that contributes. Being ruled by Mercury, Information communication, on the other hand, is a chief concern of this Venus sign. Its discriminative powers work best under the supervision of an overseer, allowing it to capitalize on its analytic powers and ability to pay attention to intricate detail. Always working, Virgo Venus values its purchasing power and often spends it on a home with land and nice furniture, and on fashionable clothes and accessories. 

This Venus sign does enjoy dalliance with its opposite sex. Intelligent, shy in groups, and reluctant to display its feelings or compete openly for attention, it’s smart enough to devise a personal game plan to express its interest. It will, in private, shower the loved one with messages and tokens of love, such as stuffed animals left on a doorstep, balloons for birthdays, chocolates and favorite books. It is not highly self confident, and may let its imagination create dramas that don’t actually exist, making that “mountain out of a molehill” and creating a more painful life by expressing its insecurities.

Women with this Venus sign could have been brought up traditionally, with physical love-making portrayed as impure and forbidden. Demure but sexually enticing, such a maiden may be amorous but critical of the loved one. Her perfectionist nature and reserve keep people at arm’s length. High strung and restless, she needs a broadminded and independent love, as well as a man with brains to match her intelligence. Interestingly, she attracts adventurers whom she will tame. Shades of Artemis?

The Venus in Virgo man is the suave-around-town type. As an entrepreneur or professional, he is comely and well-groomed, reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable. Respectful of women, he may separate sex from true love or idealize his love, seeing in her a sexual goddess who remains untouchable waiting to meet him. He needs a partner to help him relax, one separate from his work who does not compete with him. Being the giver to others, a cheering section just for him would be nice!

Thoughtful Venus in Virgo loves to fuss over loved ones. It wants to provide balanced meals, with healthful vegetables and herbs, vitamins and minerals from its neat and orderly kitchen. It prepares and plans carefully for meals that are frugally concocted. Often it is a start- from-scratch cook, though being time-conscious it may pick up dough for bread, or a favorite sauerkraut side-dish from a Deli. Labor-saving gadgets it also uses, like Venus in Gemini, that is also co-ruled by Mercury; though, unlike Venus in Gemini, it will not cook from a mix or use frozen foods. Loving to snack, it provides healthful ones, such as a nut-and-seed-and- raisin combo. Or it might make its own apple sauce, with specialty apples whose skin it may delicately include. Or start up its own creamy yogurt. It will pay attention to details that include attractive place settings and creating a quiet subdued atmosphere with background music, for good conversation. Being such a perfectionist, it may run late. But it will worry and not take kindly to you not arriving on time. To give joy to another is Venus in Virgo’s perfect motivation.


    Universe has a way of creating balance. Venus in Libra has a special appeal dealt to them on purpose. While it appears to the world that these are fortune’s darlings, many souls with a strong Libra influence, early in their lives lose people of importance through illness or accident or war. This Venus placement insures that others step in to help it survive and overcome great obstacles.

The Scales of Justice symbolize Libra; while, in truth, The Bridge may be just as apt an association. Venus in Libra first is weighted down in one direction, then the other, seeking a equilibrium between two opposing sides. It takes time looking at the issue from all perspectives, understanding its “ins” and “outs.” Mr. Nice Guy Venus in Libra can feel torn apart, empathizing with alternate points of view and refining the solution. With tiny decisions, this anguish can become humorous! Would that this Venus sign took such care in deliberating over its love life! Attracted, instead, to a challenge, discarded unsettled relationships may dot its romantic landscape.

  The Bridge is the role Venus in Libra plays best: as peacemaker, negotiator, and mediator between two opposing worlds. Just don’t make it “shoot from the hip.” If an immediate decision is needed, Libra is not good at a forced reply. In fact, it is likely to lose a good deal through vacillation. Fortunately, it possesses a human radar, good at judging character.

You can spot a Venus in Libra traveling with an affable, talented and good looking friendship group. Or there’s the solitary type that is just as charming and interesting to chat with, engaging to have as an escort at the theatre, while taking a tour of Old Town Riga or strolling through an esplanade. Because they are good looking and enjoy glitz and glamour, don’t consider them as a light-weight in the sphere of human emotions.

Remember the concept of that Bridge? The beautifully packaged Venus in Libra woman, at home with her femininity, may be so strong as to buck the tide of societal prejudice by marrying out of her social class, nationality, or race, extolling the different but equal relationship. Often these women place finding love above developing their own interests. On occasion, they may buy affection or manipulate to get their way. Or subordinate their talents to placate a love. Supportive, sympathetic and kind, they must also learn to confront fairly disparity with others and live out their own creative potential.

Men with Venus in Libra are unabashedly looking for a soul mate. Incredibly idealistic, possessing smooth manners and etiquette, they shop for beauty, fashion and style in a mate. They don’t look for independence in a woman. At some point in their life, they meet up with a strong woman with a mind of her own that magnetizes them. Friends of his may work against a happy, harmonizing home life, since this is a sign that listens to others and may be unduly influenced. Venus in Libra is prone to vacillating and mind-changing. On the plus side, its solutions are honorable and win-win for all concerned. 

  Venus in Libra puts dining in the category of fine arts. Through its impeccable style, the meal will seem effortless. Considerable time, though, will have been spent preparing side-dishes ahead of time, procuring just the right wines, and buying pretty posies. Subtlety in spices, blending sweet and tart in flavors is its trademark. Lighter foods, less on the carbohydrate side, salads and vegetables, fill its plate. “ Pirogies” are no larger than bite-size. Even desserts seduce rather than overwhelm one, with meringue topping a lime pie-filling, rather than the heavier pastry crust. This Venus sign itself will not over-do in the eating department, as is possible for the co-ruled Venus in Taurus.

  Service is important. As a host or hostess, Venus in Libra caters to its date or family or friends, almost to the point of not sitting down itself. Still that famous nonchalance will be at work: it swears it ate earlier and will sit down for the dessert. Taking its time, this Venus sign enjoys itself, together with its partner. It is the master at improvising elegant touches that only it knows would appeal to another. 


    Think of Venus as a goddess who wants to have fun! She does not consider what society thinks-- that’s the moon’s concern. Nor what may happen in the future. Worry Wart Mercury does that. Venus focuses on the here and now, beauty and passion, loving our-selves and our mate! Now pair her with the distant but powerful planet of Pluto, ruler of the underworld in mythology. Key words for Pluto are: power, domination, transformation. This Venus sign spices up anyone’s horoscope chart!

Maybe because Venus in Scorpio is good with secrets, it has luck in investing money in stocks and bonds, and businesses. Keep the eye on youngsters with this place-ment. Natives of this Venus sign feel their pre-pubescent urges strongly! Passions run high in friend-ships, too, with envy and jealousy causing conflicts. When Venus in Scorpio learns to channel intense feelings, relationships improve. Pluto tears down what is not working well, from inanimate objects, such as machinery, to our association with others. Thus. this Venus sign purges its life of acquaintances, perhaps relationships, that no longer meet its needs. 

Natives have great personal magnetism, whether they are above average in looks or not. You can tell this Venus sign by the intensity of the gaze, which is like a laser beam and close to hypnotic. Venus in Scorpio learns early in life to repress strong feelings, acquiring a poker face, while Heaven only knows what is going on within them. Structure in some stress relievers in the form of sports, studies in voice or musical instruments, journal writing, any form of meditation. 

Men of most Venus signs, except Venus in Cancer, may be more reluctant to share feelings than women. That’s, oh, so true for this placement. Good advice would be to discern the right partner, one it can trust to share its feelings and not be betrayed. It must 
not let the strong “urge to merge” over-power the intuition of who’s right for it. Then share those emotions regularly, even in small doses, rather than wait for an inevitable explosion when feelings, finally, are released.

And, yes, this Venus sign is known for its emotional storms--others call them tantrums. But that’s an exaggeration. A Scorpio seldom provokes; though jealousy is not a pretty attribute. In using its stinger, it does so in self defense and as a warning against future attacks. A Water sign, Venus in Scorpio is a master of interpreting feelings and a risk-taker that can be highly disciplined! Take charge of that emotional nature.

Women with Venus in Scorpio are sultry, owning an intuitive sexual chemistry. They may have studied the occult and can read your palm, tea leaves, or just your mind. In short, they will enchant you. They, as well as the male gender, are all or nothing people. Either they love something or someone, or ignore it. This Venus sign represents seekers for answers to life’s deep questions. When they forget to first connect to people at a more superficial level, they scare the Bejeesus out of others! No problem! Those who run from it, won’t be able to deal with its convictions, nor participate in a deep transformative love.

Don’t intrude in the kitchen, please; it prefers to work its magic alone. Venus in Scorpio, similar to Venus in Libra, is cool on the outside; though its intensity prevents it from ever coming across as totally relaxed. It shares an impeccable taste with that airy Libra Venus sign too; though the styles differ as day to night. Venus in Scorpio is a sign of the extremes. What it lacks in delicacy, it makes up for in daring ingenuity.

In the food department, as in life, this Venus sign cares not a jot for bland food, nor bland people. It likes drama in its life, and finds more piquant the aged cheeses and meats, and the more exotic dishes and tastes that linger, like garlic and curry, and cayenne pepper. Add to that aphrodisiacs, like clams, oysters, and eggs, which it finds interesting because of their professed sexual powers. The word “aphrodisiac” comes from Aphrodite, does it not? Of foreign fare, it is partial to the more common peasant dishes, such as the Spanish paella of rice, chicken, and hidden seafood surprises. 

Speaking of surprises, this Venus sign tempts you with the taste of liquors and wine in special dishes. It is one to cover dishes, in grape leaves, with a lid, wrap it in foil, adding an element of mystery. Strongly connected to its feelings, if love goes, so does the appetite of this Venus sign. Like they say, “make hay while the sun shines!”


    At an initial glance, why doesn’t this Venus placement also receive top billing? After all, and By Jove! (Another name for Jupiter), what can be the problem of Venus tangling with jovial, generous Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius? And there is nothing quite as enjoyable as relating with optimistic, enthusiastic Venus in Sagittarius. Not only would physical love making be robust with this athletic adventuresome sign, but what a nice intellectual exchange there could be. Sagittarius, the sign of the college level teacher, learns and philosophizes from travel-based and life-experience!

Still, Venus is partnership oriented and at odds with Venus in Sagittarius’ devil-may-care attitude of independence and problem with commitment. Since this Venus sign is also a sign of duality, being half man, half beast, duality does not mix well with Venus’ one-mindedness in love. Howsoever, this is not a tawdry placement. It is great for friend-ships and socializing, and travel and self-education. 

Men with this placement are lucky in attracting money. They are ambitious and hard-workers, too. Since money slips through their fingers, in commitment with another it may be better for the partner of this Venus sign to do the bookkeeping. Handsome devils, it’s best to marry later in life after sowing their wild oats. A practical joker, this Venus sign enjoys running with its own gender in sports events and hunting. His love interest should be an independent woman that has her own interests. Let’s hope she holds the reigns to the relationship loosely. Freedom is Venus in Sagittarius’ middle name.

The female of this Venus sign, has great upper legs, Sagittarius ruling that part of the body. She is also open-minded, spirited and flirtatious. Both gullible and frank to a fault, she may “stick her foot in her mouth” and yet wonder why she is shunned by others. She needs to find her niche and her coterie of friends that support her. Like the male of her Venus sign, the female needs breathing space. She may function perfectly as a mom, engaging in play and teaching her offspring without lecturing or smothering them. Her home may be disheveled-- she likes the outdoors better, anyway--but it will be a happy place to make your bed.

This Venus sign’s tastes run to foreign foods and exotic fares, similar to Venus in Scorpio, with the latter getting into the more plebian dishes. Venus in Sagittarius prefers a higher echelon of foreign recipes, which will be accompanied by its commentary on the culture and tradition of foods. More into experimentation, too, including snails (escargot) in recipes and, maybe, chocolate-covered ants as snacks, Venus in Sagittarius definitely opens doors to a larger friendship circle than private Water sign Scorpio. A contradiction, this Venus sign just as much enjoys casual dining. It, like the character of Jug-head in the Archie comics, makes a meal out of the ordinary sandwich, filling it with lettuce and tomato, cold cuts, scrambled eggs and bacon. Like its Fire sign brethren of Aries and Leo, Sagittarius is into roasting meat outdoors on a spit or in a pit, following the methods used by other cultures. A Hawaiian Luau, for example, it would find perfect. Desserts it concocts abound with whipped cream and caramel sauces, ice cream, too, so that it is fortunate for lively Sagittarius that it includes games, like tossing horse-hoes, even canoeing, volleyball et all, to work off some of the excesses in feasting. 


    Venus in Capricorn is unlikely to be dealt to amateurs where Basic Love Lessons #101 are learned; lessons in Advanced Love #201 are more like it. That’s because the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is the stern teacher of karmic lessons in love. Thus natives either get involved in stable long-term relationships, working out dependency and intimacy issues with their soul mates; or without much love, bond with another in a practical sense, perhaps working out a karmic sense of duty. 

Often, Venus in Capricorn engages in relationships with a sense of distance built into them: relationships with serious age differences; the long distance romances of partners who live in another state, the opposite coast, or even another country. Or their backgrounds may diverge with respect to religion, politics, or location where a “city slicker” falls in love with a rural lass. 

Since Capricorn constricts and causes fear of loss, this Venus sign has trouble in trusting something ‘’to fall into its lap.’’ It also operates under a strong need to be needed. Known for doing things the hard way, it ends up giving much more than its partner. A natural balance then is askew. Because it seeks for perfection and undertakes response-bility for everything, Venus in Capricorn may be taken advantage of by free-loading family members, as well as partners. When tables are shifted and this Venus sign learns to treat itself as a part of the Divine, a more natural give and take is restored.

Females with this Venus sign are successful in their professional lives! Posses-sing admirable bone structure and “relaxing into their skin” as the years pass, like vintage vine, they age gracefully. Over-achievers, they may not allow for time to pursue a love. Sensitive to their own human foibles, they feel that everything in their life must be in order before they can pay attention to their personal life. It would help to look at the bigger picture: if birds and bees do it, can not Venus in Capricorn allow itself a viable love? Independent-minded, these Misses should take a more detached look and become their own best friend! Sharing control with another can be liberating! Practice with your friends. Venus in Capricorn may be the zodiac’s best kept secret as a “hot” love in private! They contribute to the community, are attuned to the arts and culture, and have the know-how to bring sophistication and financial solvency to a partnership. Plus, they’re faithful! What are you waiting for? Scoop one up!

Men with this Venus sign are poised, make for a classy date, and have a good fashion sense. Serious-minded and high principled, they, too, are sensual in private. At their best in a long courtship, it takes time for their natural reserve to melt. Often they are attracted to a more flamboyant female partner. Expressing different facets of Venus in Capricorn’s complex personality and sharing deep feelings with the partner will allow a more satisfying relationship to evolve. And we just love their sense of humor! “Encore!”

This is one Venus sign that will “brown-bag” its lunch to save money for some-thing else it covets. Its everyday meals will be basic, nutritious and not at all self-indul-gent. It will, probably, take diet supplements and eat its veggies. When snacking, natives like foods with a crunch and are partial to sour, vinegary snacks. When dieting, it will further impose self disciplined “working out,” while avoiding lunches with friends or even after-service church socials. Or be the one to engage in pleasant conversation, drinking only coffee, bypassing the pastry. And people think remaining slim is all in the genes!

Being an Earth sign with high standards, and because time and effort itself are ruled by Saturn, when it cooks for others, Venus in Capricorn goes all out to buy the best ingredients. It undertakes complex recipes with numerous steps and ingredients; and enjoys cold entrees, such as vichyssoise or pork gelatin, perhaps since Saturn is a cold, dry planet. When dining with others, conversation is as important as the food served. This Venus sign makes the experience unforgettable by its special talent of active listening. It won’t much commiserate, being a “tough cookie,” but offer you good practical advice.


    This frisky Venus placement shakes up one’s world! After all, lightning comes under the ruler-ship of Uranus, Aquarius’ lead planet. Planet of the unexpected, also the planet of friendship and universal brotherhood, when Uranus is mixed with Venus it creates instant charisma! It’s the eyes that are a give away. The eyes could be a stunning electric blue that, yet, have a far-away distant gaze to them. They, definitely, do not bore through you as do the eyes of the typical Venus in Scorpio. Venus in Aquarius appears casual and liberated; even when within its own body it experiences a type of high-voltage tension. That’s the eccentric Uranus energy that causes this Venus sign to perceive the world in an unusual way, bringing seismic shocks to family and friends. Expect the rebel to pop up at the most surprising times!
Jealousy is not associated with this Venus placement. But it may be so spiritually in tune with humanity that Venus in Aquarius’ own love partner questions just how important it is or is not. For the sake of the relationship, natives must focus on making its Significant Other feel appreciated. This sign can liberate us from jealousy, possessive-ness and selfish love. And you get two in one: a friend, as well as a lover. 

The Venus in Aquarius man could be the unofficial guru of his coterie of friends. Still, it is hard getting close to this sweetie because he is disinclined to deal with feelings or accept “the establishment,” viewing marriage as falling under that. At some point, he’ll find himself in a tug of war with both commitment and intimacy issues. To the inexperi-enced eye, it could appear as if his partner is to blame for the conflict and lack of stability. But rest assured that the couple shares ownership of the problem. Expect lots of comings and abrupt departures, and just as sudden reunions--that’s the Uranus way. 

Women of this Venus sign are not sentimental, though they may be romantic; for sure, they are idealistic. If you disappoint them in a moral sense, they may not forgive you. That also comes from Aquarius being a Fixed, as in determined and opinionated, sign. Neither are they in a hurry to make a love commitment, pulling subconsciously away from something so emotional that could, well, separate it from the many causes and friends it already has. Family is important to Venus in Aquarius; but it is wise for members not to depend on her domestic conscience. She’ll expect each member to pull its own weight and is not likely to subordinate her interests to be a stay-at-home mom.

Venus in Aquarius loves to get together and toss around profound ideas with interesting people. Thereby, it gets ready to feed a crowd. There’s usually no particular rhyme or reason to its dining preferences. Good naturedly, it will eat whatever is placed in front of it. Or it may get into trends and fads, at some time trying vegetarian fare, the next day dishing up French fries to feed unexpected guests. It believes in handy gadgets, like a deep fryer or a slow-cooking crock-pot, to help with domestic chores.

Preferring light, on-the-go meals, this Venus sign, nonetheless, enjoys a fairly rich dessert. Not one to partake of regular meals, it should consider doing just that when life gets hectic. It might prearrange some meals to take along as it travels to various destina-tions. Because Venus in Aquarius is somewhat physically passive, living in the mental realm of ideas, circulation problems may assail it. This passivity could also cause weight-gain in latter years; though, simultaneously, its energetic bursts burn calories. Cooking could be a relaxant in this Venus sign’s bouts with insomnia during nighttime—insomnia being a symptom of strong Uranus activity.


    What a romantic, idealistic placement is Venus in Pisces. Think of a unicorn or a mermaid or elf-fairy with gossamer wings-- though, its recognized icon is two fish swimming in opposite directions. There’s a gentleness and other-worldliness that sets this Venus sign apart from others. Neptune, its ruling planet, eliminates boundaries, lets one peep beyond the veil of human knowledge, and includes, rather than excludes, others. It raises the question: is this the sign of the perpetual savior of souls? Or do gullibility and defenselessness make Venus in Pisces a victim? Truly, it strains to keep its feet on the ground. Any chart with this placement is softened and made more compassionate and forgiving of others. 

Though it may try-on-for-size materialistic beliefs, its nature is geared against only accruing money or keeping up with the Joneses . Venus in Pisces is more at home focusing on aspects of life that unite the human spirit. For example, it would get involved in fundraisers for international disasters or to help victims of domestic violence. It may even express human joys and suffering through motion pictures. Life for the Venus in Pisces holds a higher purpose. Almost subconsciously, it is intent upon manifesting the promise that we, as human beings, are evolving. Through use of its imagination and empathy, it seeks to contribute to a better world.

A Venus sign of such transformative power, it also suffers temptation. It must purify itself of addictive substances and false ways of attaining spirituality, including the use of alcohol and drugs. And to manifest its great talents, it must escape the snares of passively, such as daydreaming or procrastination. To make its dreams come true, it should evoke skills of its opposite sign, detail-oriented Venus in Virgo. 

Women with Venus in Pisces have a vulnerability that attracts others to protect them. Sometimes they misuse facts and embroider the truth. Despite their genteel appearance (it’s that illusion thing!), they have been known to swear like a sailor and are capable of escaping a dangerous situation. Like the saying, “Doctor, heal thyself,” they find it more difficult to help themselves than to help others. Not being able to discriminate between what is the potential or what the reality in love, brings heartaches. The ensuing breakdown in relationships is disillusioning and causes much personal misery. 

Men with this Venus sign are attracted to altruistic, emotional women. They may actually feel the vibration of others, and feel either attracted or repelled by that. Kind and helpful, they seclude themselves, screening calls and protecting against intrusions into their warm and benevolent hearts. Human lie detectors, they can be seduced into believing a “sob story.” Totally charming, Venus in Pisces can be super sensitive and tends to drift in and out of relationships. One half of the couple, at least, needs to set the direction of the romance; and it’s hard to hold Venus in Pisces accountable.

  Pisces rules behind-the-scenes and nocturnal activities. Late night, wee morning-hour get-togethers to share food with others, following an enjoyable evening at the theatre, dance recital, musical concert or movie, suits this Venus sign. Soft lighting, soothing music, and soups or seafood dishes; or perhaps, just a favorite dessert would best cap-off this night. Venus in Pisces is self indulgent; yet, enjoys subtlety in foods and drinks. Go easy on the liquid refreshment, please.

  Not rigid in its preferences, Venus in Pisces, is willing to experiment, especially in its own home. Imagination is its strength. Thus, from the menu to the table settings, to the surrounding ambiance, this unassuming Venus sign turns out to be the most extravagant, except for Venus in Leo. Its style, whether in furniture arrangement, or in preparing a feast, has a catch-all quality.

Cooking intuitively, Venus in Pisces, may not even remember all the ingredients used, except that they come together in a divinely stuffed trout staring up at you from its plate, even a slice of ham swimming in a startling mustard and current sauce. What you see is only part of what you get with this Venus sign. And the best is always yet to come.

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