​                                                                                                 2 0 2 4, J U L Y 

OVERVIEW: five planets are in intuitive, creative Water signs this month, including Sun, Messenger Mercury (only for a couple of days), Love-goddess Venus, with Stern-teacher Saturn and Creative Muse Neptune in Pisces. Next come practical-minded Earth sign placements, with both dynamic Mars and Planet-of-the-unexpected Uranus in Taurus. There are also a couple of Air/Mental planetary placements, expansion planet Jupiter in Gemini and Transformer Pluto Retrograding in Aquarius. Within a couple of days, there shall also be a planet in active/dominant Fire signs, and that would be Communicative Mercury in Leo.

Certain long-distance planets, alongside Pluto, that are Retrograding include authoritative Saturn and very soon this month, inspiration-planet Neptune. Retrogrades can best be used to Review and Reevaluate actions/issues of the past and to Reform and improve situations. These will affect us for the remaining months of 2024,

JULY 1-7:
July 1 starts on a Monday with a steady, financially-oriented Taurus Moon that also has a green-thumb for those summer gardens. Moon sextiles savy Reality-planet Saturn and gives us sure footing starting off the work week. That may about to change as next day (Tuesday, July 2) planet of dreams and aspirations Neptune goes Retrograde until after the first week in December. Neptune can either thrill and inspire us, even save our lives, since it rules actors, artists, even doctors and politicians or confuse/disorient--at its worst, it can be disingenuous and deceptive, ruling all sorts of addictions. At its most critical degrees (29.55 out of 30 per zodiac sign) in Pisces, Neptune shall influence several planets, which in turn shall have a say in what occurs in our lives. 

On this first July Tuesday, we're likely to be inspired by someone's words or ideas, as Messenger Mercury in late Cancer trines Neptune. This aspect favors compassion and artistry. Later in the day, Mercury enters the more dominating and dramatic sign of Leo. We'll become more social after this change-over. Love-goddess Venus, though, remains in flirtatious but family-oriented Cancer, trined today by Disciplinarian Saturn. Venus is capable of charming Saturn, while Saturn stabilizes Venus and its love-affairs. The ever-changing Moon now enters the restless, curious, communicative sign of The Twins/Gemini.

Moving to "over-the-hump" day, Wednesday, July 3, Communicator Mercury faces off with Change-agent Pluto in an opposition aspect. As the US prepares to celebrate its Independence Day tomorrow, looks like we'll need to be on the alert for those who want to prove some point in politics. On Thursday, July 4th itself, as the Moon in Gemini squares Neptune, someone, possibly a female (Moon), may be confused or deceptive. The good news is that the Moon itself moves into Cancer about to join up with the Sun and a Rising New Moon come Saturday (July 6). though there is tension in that formation, it can also be unifying.

Before the New Moon, we have TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Friday), July 5th, as Action-planet Mars in Taurus sextiles disciplinarian Saturn. We can accomplish tasks now that, otherwise, might overwhelm us. Moon closes in on Sun in Cancer at 14,29 degrees come Saturday (July 6)! New Moons are a good time to list a few short-term goals that we can strive to accomplish within the next two weeks leading up to a Full Moon on July 21. This New Moon is in favorable aspect to Love-goddess Venus in Cancer and also authority-ruling Saturn in Pisces. This is favorable for Love and Romance, while affinity with Saturn is apt to be favorable in getting necessary support in our other endeavors. Ordinarily the New Moon favors the start of new ventures or of a renewal of goals we'd neglected since three distant planets are now Retrograding.

Later this New Moon Saturday, July 6,  Moon conjuncts Venus in Cancer: nice for best friends, esp. females, to get together. That's as Moon later this day enters prominent Leo and urges us to express ourselves! Draw, compose, visit some art gallery; entertain and be entertained!

Sunday, July 7, time to Rest and Relax, attend a church if that fits your chosen lifestyle. We feel content as Moon in Leo sextiles jubilant Jupiter in intelligent-Gemini.

JULY 8-14:
Monday, July 8, while we're still under the influence of the New Moon vibrations, should be a lively day, since Venus sextiles Awakener Uranus. We've a novel idea or someone extraordinary makes an entrance, however brief. Messenger Mercury, too, sextiles generous Jupiter, so be flexible and open on this day. 

The next day, Tuesday, July 9, lacks major aspects. The Moon in Leo, however, squares that Uranus now, in an unexpected, yet not so pleasant way. Later, Moon enters practically oriented, communicative but under-the-radar Virgo that helps us organize life. Around this time and for another week at least, Dark Moon Lilith that has always stuck up for women's rights, trines Transformer Pluto. Both planetary bodies deal with hidden aspects of ourselves and others--bringing about, hopefully, positive changes.

From Wednesday to Saturday this week (July 10-13), there are some helpful energies/vibes to work with: For example, on Wednesday, July 10, the Sun in Cancer trines Saturn that rules "The Establishment." Collaboration with the powers-that-be gets things accomplished. Because of Saturn's Retrograde motion, however, perhaps an issue or person from the past resurfaces.

Then on Thursday, July 11, Venus in Cancer trines Creative Muse Neptune. Nice time for romance, even if not the usual "date nights," Friday and Saturday. At any rate, something that you've wished for may materialize today. Or you just might fulfill someone else's dream. Plus, Venus now leaves the personal-and-private sign of Cancer for the dramatic and flamboyant sign of Leo! Self-expression and a desire for an audience, almost any audience, is what turns this sign on! Here is the wish to shine more, yet, instead, Venus immediately encounters Change-agent Pluto in opposite sign of Aquarius, Retrograding, yet! Might there be competition in respect to a love interest? Pluto keeps things hidden, so expect some intrigue involved. Moon, luckily, enters mediator Libra that is a good judge of character, while also being diplomatic. You got this.

The second weekend, July 13-14, has no major aspects, but the one on Saturday, which is a positive sextile from the Libra Moon to Communicator Mercury in Leo. Mercury represents someone young or young-at-heart, short trips, near-relatives and sites in the neighborhood. Enjoy any facet of these. 

Finally, this Sunday, July 14th, the Moon enters also Water-sign Scorpio, which harmoniously accents Sun in Cancer. However, prior to that contact, the Moon is caught into the Pluto opposition. That could be an unpleasant encounter with someone ready to pick a fight. On top of that, a number of readers are likely to pick up already the harsh aspects of Action-planet Mars that is nearing planet-of-the-unexpected Uranus, exact at 25.33 degrees Taurus tomorrow, July 15, but lasting already from this past Friday (July 12) through the 1 6th, next Tuesday. The Unexpected element (Uranus) together with Mars's dynamism could be explosive. Thus the warning to be alert and guard against places and individuals that are brand new to you. However, even as things are unpredictable, the conjunction of Mars/Uranus sextiles the Retrograding Neptune and Pluto placements, which means that their energies won't be conflicting. Just slow down, be flexible, expecting the unexpected and look for opportunities here.

JULY 15-21:
Since this is the final week of the year to experience the vibrations of Cancer, here's a bit of a reminder of what type of energy we can still incorporate in our lives:
"Being a homebody is not the same as loving the domestic routines of housework. Thus, lunch for Cancer is likely to be out in the business and professional world. Being a Cardinal sign, it remains ambitious--if for no other reason than to keep the wolf from its door. Natives probably began saving pennies at a young age and may literally be socking away bills under the mattress by the time they officially enter the workforce. Cancer's nest egg is security for that rainy day. If in doubt, feed them is a viable motto, for food always puts Cancer in a good mood...(M. Collins, "Dining by the Stars, An Astrology Cookbook," p. 51)."

Now lets tackle the aspect that we left off late last week: Monday, July 15, dynamic Mars conjuncts Planet-of-the-unexpected Uranus at 26.17 degrees Taurus, though it'll have been felt at least a couple of days pre and post this date. Such energies activate anger, even rage within one, hostility, too; thus we need to temper them within ourselves and be on alert for individuals we encounter that may harbor such negative vibes. Be alert, please.

Next day, Tuesday, July 16, Moon in intense, poker-faced, yet fascinating Scorpio can be used to decipher messages from the Universe, as Moon trines inspirational-planet Neptune. The higher-developed Scorpio energies are similar to those of Leo, in that both help underdogs and can defuse dangerous situations. Later in the day, Moon enters adventurous and friendly Sagittarius. This energy, too, can help counter the bombastic Mars/Uranus combo.

Wednesday, July 17, vibrations surrounding us are more amiable as the Sagittarius Moon opposes Good-luck-planet Jupiter in Gemini. Still, some control is necessary, since with Jupiter, it's easy to overdo; Next day, July 18, Sun in creative, nurturing Cancer sextiles Awakener Uranus now, healing some of the emotional trauma brought about by the stress of the last couple of days and proving that surprises can also be positive!

A quieter and calmer TGIF day ends the workweek with only the Sagittarius Moon squaring Creative-muse Neptune...that, though, should be a warning to us not to believe all we see and hear. Especially a female (Moon) may be not all that she pretends to be. The Moon later enters hard-working, community-minded Capricorn.

The weekend, July 20, begins with a pleasant Mars sextile to Neptune, encouraging artistic ventures and creative solutions. On this day, too, Action-planet Mars leaves practical-minded Taurus for the more Mental, as well as more talkative, Gemini! And what an exciting day could be Sunday (July 21) as both Love-goddess Venus and the nurturing Moon (arch-types of women) aspect Santa-Claus-planet Jupiter! As Venus in Leo sextiles Jupiter, put some effort into setting up a romantic moment with your Love or a social date with a dear friend or two. That's while the Moon now in one-of-a-kind Aquarius trines Jupiter in also-Air/Mental sign Gemini. Since the Sun in Cancer's late degrees trines compassionate Neptune, this Sunday, we're willing to cooperate. Also, the future looks brighter as  Mars now in Gemini trines Pluto in Aquarius. This allows smoothing over of the July 15th Mars/Uranus conjunction and its aftermath. 

Sunday, July 21 is also a Full Moon Day in the last degree of Cancer, with the Moon in the last Degree of Capricorn, super-close to Retrograding Pluto. Full Moons are also Harvest Moons, so look for results of your efforts since the last New Moon a couple of weeks ago. Results may be multiplied since the Full Moon energizes dynamic Mars in Gemini that trines Pluto in very early Aquarius and Neptune at 29 degrees Pisces, about to enter Aries. 

JULY 22-31:
Monday, July 22, the Sun goes into flamboyant Leo, while the Moon will enter opposite sign Aquarius. Likely, we're still feeling the after-effects of the Capricorn Full Moon. Also, Mars in early Gemini is still within orb of trining Transformer Pluto (see July 21), giving us strength to accomplish whatever we've started the past week with Mars conjunct Planet-of-unexpected Uranus, too (July 15). With Sun in Leo that makes for a dramatic entrance, other planetary placements are in compatible Air/Mental signs: for example, Gemini (Mars placement) and Aquarius (Pluto placement). Thus in addition to the leadership of King of the Lions, thought processes, communications, travel (esp. short distances), are what we've to work with.

With Love-goddess Venus in Leo now, too, here are some Leo vibes that we can incorporate in our own lives now:  "Proud of being the lord of its domain, lighting candles and pouring oneself a favorite liquid refreshment is a beloved ritual that Leo partakes even when taking a solitary meal. Perhaps it has acquired a new upholstered sofa that encircles the living room with matching footrests that rise as Leo reclines, along with its huge television set! In the city, passersby can view flickering lights and colors, and watch a television program from across the street, if they wish. Leo lives life in grand style (whenever it can)! (M. Collins, "Dining by the Stars, An Astrology Cookbook, p.66)."

Then on Tuesday, July 23, the Sun now opposing Change-agent Pluto requiring a decision or bringing about other result, esp. via the dynamics of last week, as mentioned earlier. At the end of the day, Moon enters Water-sign intuitive, chameleon-like Pisces. Next day, Wednesday, July 24, the only aspect would be the Pisces Moon joining with Reality-planet, dour Saturn. This may highlight some domestic shortcoming in your life. Whether that's reality (Saturn) or one's own critical-self magnifying events, is puzzle to solve. 

Thursday, July 25, brings brighter aspects as Mercury enters problem-solving Earth-sign Virgo, always capable of lending a helping hand--while Sun in confident Leo sextiles Action-planet Mars in Gemini. The Moon, too, enters direct, self-assured, yet impetuous Aries!

Friday, July 26 is a quiet day, pleasant, as the Moon in fiery Aries trines Venus in dramatic Leo. This is a good time for Love and relationships, in general. Take advantage of these vibes, since the weekend, July 27-28, has only Moon aspects: Saturday, the Moon in early Taurus trines Messenger Mercury newly arrived in Virgo, it's home base! This puts us in touch with our feelings. We may meet up with a female buddy who expresses herself or you both do. Then on Sunday, July 28, Moon in good-citizen Taurus sextiles authority-planet Saturn in Pisces. Saturn influences restrict feelings, since we're careful not to get too emotional. Someone may seek the advice of another, who is older or more experienced (Saturn). Or you may be the one to take care of a person in need.

Come Monday, July 29, Moon in Taurus that hates change comes upon Awakener Uranus with its surprise elements. Moon later enters restless, Jack-of-all-trades Gemini; Gemini, however, is intelligent and can help us deal with the unexpected that Uranus may have brought our way! Then on the 30th, a Tuesday, Moon now conjuncts Good-luck-planet Jupiter, both in solid Taurus. Enjoy a brief period of happiness and generosity.

Finally, July 31, a Wednesday, the Gemini Moon sextiles Love-goddess Venus in Leo...We can have a good time with friends and perhaps with a special someone later in the day. Fit them in!

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