​                                                                                       M A R C H    2 0 2 4 ! 

END of FEBRUARY: February 27-29:
Tuesday, Feb. 27, Mars squares Jupiter, and we're advised not to overdo anything. The Mood may be jovial but the results of overshooting any mark will not be beneficial. Moving on to Wednesday, Feb. 28, Sun and Mercury join up at 9.30 degrees Pisces and both are extremely close now to restrictive Reality-planet Saturn. This could signify a lucrative business deal in the works; or in our personal lives, an age-gap may be bridged and some agreement come to fruition. As the transiting Moon enters poker-faced, but oh, so savy Scorpio, elusive secret negotiations behind closed doors remain just between the negotiators. 

The month ends on Thursday, Feb. 29, as Messenger Mercury in Pisces sextiles Jupiter. Take a chance now, since it's likely to bring in some opportunity. Or, ask for a date with the available colleague or friend now, for the next Leap Year is an entire 4 years from now! What have you to lose?

MARCH 1-7:
There's the old adage that March either comes in as a Lion or goes out as a Lion. Despite the apparent climate change, I'd say that according to the stars, March shall come in more as a Lion and, hopefully, goes out as a Lamb :0 ! Pisces itself on first appearance seems like a peaceful, "go with the flow" kind of sign, which it often is. Howsoever, being the final of 12 signs, it also embraces so much more vital energy than one would expect. Thus, we never really know what the month shall bring. Let's keep in mind that, altogether, Pisces is highly intuitive & super creative (ruling dancers, photographers, actors, doctors, psychics and politicians); it's a chameleon capable of almost shape-shifting; and that unlike it's opposite sign of Virgo, Pisces seems to have no apparent boundaries. Its symbol of two fishes tied together but swimming in opposite directions should, however, give us pause. Deceit is the opposite side of the coin that, otherwise, holds so much promise. While Creative Muse Neptune is the planet that can bring about the greatest of fortunes, if we handle this energy selfishly we may, instead, suffer gravely. 

Of the four elements, March heralds a stellium of four planets in Water-sign Pisces (Sun, Messenger Mercury, Stern-teacher Saturn, and Creative Muse Neptune) + the Moon in Scorpio that starts off March! Next we have Love's Duo, Venus and Mars in unconventional, yet, humanitarian sign of Aquarius, along with Transformer Pluto also in visionary, high-tech oriented Aquarius. Then we have Good-luck planet Jupitar and Awakener Uranus in Earth-sign Taurus; while only after the first week in March is there a planet in active/expressive Fire signs, Communicator Mercury that enters enthusiastic Aries, ahead of the Sun!

The first forecast week has 5 days out of 7 featuring a sextile (+), which is a 60 degree aspect with complementary elements that, mainly, don't have friction with one another. Along with the better known trine and conjunction, these aspects are all considered favorable. Since there is little friction, we need to actively take advantage of the flow of. It's during this apparent (deceptive?) calm that there is an undercurrent of disturbance that becomes exact on the 2nd Saturday of March (March 9)...which is what makes me believe that March shall come in as a Lion. 

Starting with Friday, March 1, transiting Sun in compassionate Pisces sextiles generous Jupiter in Taurus: that's while the Moon is ending its course in personal and private, sexy Scorpio. These are amiable enough energies with which to end a work-week. Come Saturday (March 2), as the Moon enters risk-taking, yet philosophical Sagittarius, it forms a sextile with Change-agent Pluto in its early station in progressive Aquarius that thinks out-of-the-box. Enjoy this more pleasant day of the weekend, for come Sunday, March 3, Love-goddess Venus in modern-thinking, often extremist Aquarius squares Unpredictable Uranus in Taurus! Being flexible and open to the unusual may save the day for you. Even then, though Aquarius itself often surprises, it may not appreciate the kind that Uranus deals out.

Monday, March 4th, may still be under the spell of Planet-of-the-unexpected Uranus, but Mercury in Pisces, active on Monday, deals much better with Uranus's unconventional behavior. The Moon enters work-oriented and seasoned Capricorn later in the day; meanwhile on Tuesday, March 5, the forgiving Pisces Sun and Capricorn Moon collaborate with one another. 

Over-the-hump day Wednesday, March 6, Moon still in conservative Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. We're at ease and follow the routine of our "daily grind" without undue complications. Moon later enters detached/objective Aquarius. Soon enough on Thursday (March 7), the out-of-step Aquarius Moon squares Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter, ruler of the 9th House of higher education and law, may cause someone to take a preachy, self-righteous stance if some boundary has been crossed. It's around this time, too, that some of us may feel disturbing vibes of Action-planet Mars in Aquarius nearing Awakener Uranus in Taurus. There may be trouble-makers that surreptitiously are plotting to put someone out of one's comfort zone. Since CHANGE is the name of the game--and during March we can't always tell from where the winds of change will blow--consider how you might negotiate or compromise with someone who's been rubbing you the wrong way for some time now. At least think about how to near a win-win situation.

MARCH 8-14:
As the weekend approaches, we continue feeling pressure. On Friday, March 8, i.e., Messenger Mercury conjuncts nebulous Neptune, which can be disorienting at best or deceitful, at worst. There are, however, those that under such an aspect, and specifically during Pisces-time, have learned to decipher correctly messages sent us from the Universe. Here's a chance to practice listening to our intuition that may be advising us in how to unravel complex situations and issues, especially dealing with relationships. The transiting Moon in Pisces emphasizes this possibility.

Then on Saturday, March 9, dynamic Mars squares off with often-unaccountable Uranus in also-stubborn Taurus. Watch tempers, yours as well as someone else's; take care, too, to avoid possible accidents. These vibrations and/or their fallout may be felt through the remainder of this week, especially as the Sun/Moon align to form the upcoming New Moon. On Saturday,, too, Communicator Mercury now enters enthusiastic, passionate, and possibly impulsive Aries. 

As per each New Moon and Full Moon, emotions surge. The Sun and Moon come together at 19 degrees Pisces. As good luck would have it, they both sextile Planet-of-the-unexpected Uranus, encouraging us to look toward an unconventional approach or source to assist making decisions and changes. This would be a good time to list some short-term goals to strive for in the interim before the Full Moon, a lunar eclipse this time in Libra, come March 25. 

Moving on to Monday, March 11, Love-goddess Venus leaves one-of-a-kind Aquarius for the sign of the romantic, Pisces! At this point Venus leaves behind her cohort Mars, still at 21 degrees Aquarius. The Moon on this Monday remains in speed-loving, ardent Aries. 

March 12, a Tuesday, through Thursday (March 14) have only Moon-contacts to work with, though the after-affects and fall-out of earlier happenings continue to be felt.  This Tuesday, Moon enters steady and practically-oriented Taurus...good for making progress toward the goals started under the New Moon. The next day (Wednesday, March 13), transiting Moon joins up with Jupiter that brings us opportunities, as well as helpful people. Ceres, nurturing asteroid, sextiles Disciplinarian Saturn now through the next week, encouraging us to help or accept the help of another. 

There's a bumpy stretch come Thursday, March 14, as practically-oriented Moon in Taurus meets up with high-tech & visionary Mars in Aquarius. As transiting Moon slips into the more outgoing, communicative Moon in restless Gemini, harmony is reestablished. 


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