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    Click on the ZODIAC link for information on the zodiac mandala.

    The PLANETS page is mainly for beginners, who, upon clicking on each of the heavenly bodies, beginning with The SUN on the left, can read a piece that describes the functioning of each planet, astrologically speaking. This is important because none of us is ever just our Sun-sign, for example, a Scorpio, a Leo, etc., but a combination of wherever these other planets and The Moon fall in the horoscope chart.

    The FORECASTS page is a monthly freebie for everyone. Someone once said that the column is the best written forecast that he’s read. A nice compliment for a former high-school English teacher.

    Visit MOON-VENUS SIGNS and the accompanying MOON-VENUS TABLES links to find in what signs these bodies fall for you. Where applicable, the directions are given in both English, then Latvian, though the Latvian descriptions of Moon-Venus are found in the back of Astroloģija Virtuvē. Moon and Venus, as well as our Sun-signs, rule our social life and our taste in food.

    FOOD for THOUGHT link provides written material I’ve not published but that could be of interest. These themes are not always astrology oriented, though often they are.

    The ABOUT MAIJA page gives my background and some pictures.

Maija Dambis Collins
          Author of : Sveika, Amerika...(Madris, Rīga, 2002)

                    Sveika, Amerika, A Displaced Person Remembers   (Wastlandpress,                     Shelbyville, Kentucky, 2009 )

                    Astroloģija Virtuvē (Madris, 2006)

                    Dining by the Stars, an Astrology Cookbook (Author House, 2007)

                    Received GOURMAND WORLD COOKBOOK AWARDS, 2007.